Packing and Shipping Details

Sandstone Features:- Fast durable cost effective Saves on labour time Clean Stain free – low residue Water permeable Environmentally inert when cured No weeds or boring insects Frost and de-icing salt resistant Easy to apply.

Dear Partner,  We all know about that Indian sandstone paving is Exporting in wooden Crates and Pallet’s.
Always be confirm before Importing sandstone Please do check some hidden Features of Packing:-
We assure about you :- Our Material is Eathically sourced and other Services are:-
1. Wooden crates are FUMIGATED.
2. We do not export Breaked Wooden Crates.
3. We inspect well Material before exports ( No. of crates, Check Edges, Surface)
4. We check well that Crates are properly Ripped by Strong Plastic Belt.
5. Stickers( Packing Slips) are Stuck well or Not.
6. Crates Marking according to Invoice.
7. Crates are filling By Stone which is so Heavy so we do Care about Crates, during Packing.
8. Material handling is also major part in Sawn Tiles.
9. We use Best Machines for Process.
10. Crates are Loading to the Truck Systematically and Safely

Note :- Material are inspected by very well learned staff. Usually they do know how to (Handling) Handle heavy stone Paving without breaking Edges and Corners.

We care for your peace of mind

At     "Khushbu Overseas"  Packaging is not an outer covering but the soul of the product. It is that extra detail that makes the difference and adds to the quality. Our highly qualified team treats packaging as the most important phase of order processing and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to delivering an experience to the client. Our clients often give us feedback on their unboxing experience and how they like the attention to detail we put in every single piece they order.
The stones are carefully packed in wooden boxes and the slabs find place in sea-worthy wooden crates. The containers are quality checked and go through pest control and sprays to prevent harm to wooden boxes from insects. To complement our rich quarries honest craftsmanship and state-of-the-art techniques we pack ready-to-use customized slabs of granite and marble in bespoke sizes and thickness.